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Dial Plan SPA-3102

O Dial Plan na linha 1 de meu SPA-3102 estava com o seguinte dial plan:

No link recomendou alterar para:
(xx.|<#,:>xx.< :@gw0>)

Assim o spa-3102 funcionaria assim:
digite # para fazer uma chamada pela linha telefonica
e digite diretamente o numero desejado para fazer uma chamada voip.

Como estou utilizando o Gizmo (,53) testei a configuração com o numero:  474-3246 que seria o numero 1-747-474-3246

Gizmo instructions:
  1. Plug in the device to your internet router
  2. Determined what default IP address is used by looking at the manual. In many cases it is
  3. From a web browser on your computer go to: where a configuration screen will appear
  4. Select Line 1 or Line 2
  5. Change the SIP port to 5060
  6. Set the proxy to:
  7. Set the Display name to your Gizmo ID and the password to your Gizmo password
  8. Set the User ID to your Gizmo number, include a 1 at the beginning, followed by a 10 digit number. Example: 1-747-333-4444
  9. Scrolled to the bottom, click Save
  10. Plug in your phone cord into Line 1 or Line 2 (depending on what you have configured)
  11. Place a test call to the echo line: 1-747-474-3246
  12. If you hear your own voice echoed back to you, then your device is working. If the call does not complete, double check the entries on each step.
Lendo o arquivo do link aprimorei o dial plan para facilitar ligações para o Brasil:
(<#,:>xx.< :@gw0>|<0[1-9][0-9]:01155>xx.|xx.)
Assim ao fazer uma chamada interurbano o codigo da operadora será substituido pelo codigo de ligação internacional para o Brasil.

link de referencia adicional
Já o dial plan abaixo faz a ligação local para São Paulo se o numero digitado tiver 8 digitos e não começar com zero:
(<#,:>xx.< :@gw0>|<0[1-9][0-9]:01155>xx.|<:0115511>[1-9]xxxxxxx|xx.)

Veja os preços do gizmo5 no link:

Discar para fora dos estados unidos pelo gizmo é feito da seguinte forma:,34,2

Dialing an international number is easy:  You must dial the numbers as if you were placing the call from the United States, so to exit the US calling code to place international calls: You must dial (00 or 011 or 001) + Country code + Telephone Number

For example: The Kowloon Hotel in Hong Kong 011-852-2929-2888 or 00-852-2929-2888 or 001-852-2929-2888
The Tower of London 00-44-870-756-6060 or 011-44-870-756-6060 or 001-44-870-756-6060

* The international prefix or country code is not necessary when making calls to U.S. numbers no matter where you are in the world.


Dial Plans
Dial plans can be very confusing at first glance. However they are invaluable feature of the SPA-3000 so you should at least learn the basics of how they work. The following dial plans are to show how to use the various features of dial plans. You should play around with them to suit your needs.

Dial Plan Syntax
( ) - The entire dial plan must be surrounded by an open and close bracket.
| - Each individual dial plan must be separated by a pipe | character.
0-9 - Treated as normal digits
x - Treated as any normal digit 0-9 on phone
* - Treated as normal * character on phone
# - Treated as normal # character on phone
. - Repetition
< : > - Replacement, eg <02:612> means replace 02 with 612
<:@gw0> - Gateway 0 is the PSTN line
<:@gw1> - Gateway 1 (Advanced Feature)
<:@gw2> - Gateway 2 (Advanced Feature)
<:@gw3> - Gateway 3 (Advanced Feature)
<:@gw4> - Gateway 4 (Advanced Feature)
S0 - Dial Immediately
! - Barring a number, place this at the end of the number to bar it
, - Provides a dial tone
[ ] - Limiting choices, eg [24] means either 2 or 4, [2-5] means 2,3,4 and 5, [24-68] means 2,4,5,6,8

Example Dial Plans

Dial Plan 1: (000S0<:@gw0>)
Description: The above dial plan is extremely simple, yet extremely important. When you dial 000 (Emergency number) your call will go out through Gateway 0 (<:@gw0) which is your normal PSTN line, immediately (S0) after you have dialed the 3rd 0.

Dial Plan 2: (000S0<:@gw0>|1800xxxxxxS0<:@gw0>)
Description: The above dial plan contains two individual plans, building on from Dial Plan 1. You will notice that a | separates the 1st dial plan from the 2nd .The 2nd dial plan is used to route 1800 numbers through the your PSTN line. It works the same way as the 1st dial plan, in that when you dial a 1800 number followed by 6 other digits (0-9) it will be directed through your PSTN line.

Dial Plan 3: (<*1:0123456789>)
Description: This plan demonstrates replacement. If you dial a * followed by a 1 then the number 0123456789 would be dialed.

Dial Plan 4: (<0:61>[2-9]xxxxxxxxS0)
Description: This plan demonstrates replacement and limiting choices. When you dial an 0 followed by a 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 and then nine of any other digit (0-9) it will prepend 61 and remove the 0. So if you rang 02 123456789 the actual number that would be called would be 61 2 123456789.

Dial Plan 5: (1900xxxxxx!)
Description: This plan demonstrates number barring. If you enter a 1900 followed by 6 more digits (0-9) you call will not be placed.

Dial Plan 6: (<#9:>xx.<:@gw0>)
Description: This plan demonstrates replacement and repetition. When you enter a #9 followed by any number of digits(a timeout is used to determine the end) it will go out through the PSTN line (Gateway 0).

Putting it all together
Dial Plan 7: (000S0<:@gw0>|1[38]xxx.<:@gw0>|1900xxxxxx!| 0[2-9]xxxxxxxxS0|<#9:>xx.<:@gw0>)
Description: This plan combines elements from all the above dial plans. It routes all 000, 1800, 1300 calls out via the PSTN line. Its bars 1900 numbers. It allows an Australian land line to be called and it also allows you to select the PSTN line by dialing a #9.

Ademar Arvati Filho,
4 de nov de 2010 11:45