Transformar Imagem em Video


Here's how to do it:
Use two copies of the same picture. Name them pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg. Then enter the following:

mencoder "mf://pic*.jpg" -mf fps=0.1 -ovc x264 -o movie.avi

The reason why we are using two frames here is because movie players will treat 1-frame movies different. A 1-frame movie in mplayer will have zero duration, i.e. the player window will close immediately. Since we don't know how Youtube will treat them while transcoding to Flash video format, it's better to use at least 2 frames just to be on the safe side.

In fact, i was able to get by without the "mf" option, thus:

mencoder "mf://pic1.jpg" -ovc x264 -o movie.avi



veja também o comando zoomer ou o manual dele:

man zoomer


O programa videoporama faz slides de imagens com uma interface gráfica.