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Drupal + Postfix Integration Under Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)

Drupal + Postfix Integration Under Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)

Version: 1.02
Author: Alex Saavedra
Last Update: October 9, 2008
License: © 2008 Alex Saavedra. This document is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License (

This document is derived from Christoph Haas’ tutorial “Howto: ISP-style Email Server with Debian-Etch and Postfix” ( and Falko Timme’s tutorial “Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier, MySQL And SquirrelMail (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS)” ( The associated Mailfix Drupal module must be installed as part of this tutorial.

It will guide you through the necessary steps to configure a Drupal driven Mail server. Provided features:

  • Drupal managed email accounts
  • Support for virtual domains
  • Automatic forwarding
  • Postfix quota support
  • Silent BCC monitoring
  • Other features: anti-spam, anti-virus