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Tablet Chinês Ainol - Novo 7 Paladin

Primeiramente gostaria de salientar que não sou o autor principal do conteúdo deste artigo. A minha intenção é de mostrar o que outros autores tem realizado (referenciando links para o conteúdo original) neste blog até como um guia pessoal para uso próprio e ainda compartilhar minhas anotações e pequenas modificações que realizo no conteúdo, desejando que possa ajudar mais alguém em algum lugar.
First and foremost, I take no credit for any of this post’s content. I am really just taking what others have done (which I have links to bellow) and am putting it on my blog for a personal reference and hopefully the small changes that I made to their guides will help someone somewhere.

link atualizado: 

Atualizar a ROM de v4.0.1 para v4.0.3:
1. Download the corresponding file above that matched to your unit : 
2. Rename the file to
3. Copy the to the SD card of your Ainol Novo 7 Basic/Paladin tablet
4. Turn off or shutdown the device
5. Insert the card that contains the file
6. Turn on the tablet by pressing Volume + and Power button together.
7. Update process should begin
8. After the update process it will reboot, and your done!

Voltar para a ROM original


This is the first official firmware for Novo7 Paladin.
Please note that it should not be used for any other device.

Android version : 4.0.1
Kernel version : 3.0.8
Build number : 4.0.1 ICS_MR0 eng.dmzhang.20111230.155247

Note :
The program for flashing firmware is in Simplified Chinese.
If you don't understand Chinese, please unzip this package to "C:\novo7paladin".
This package includes only xboot, boot image and system image only.
Therefore system settings will be removed.
Although user installed application should be preserved, it is always recommended to backup first.
(simply copy everything in "/mnt/flash" to a SD card)

First, install correct USB driver :
1. unplug usb cable
2. switch ON (screen on/off doesn't really matter) the tablet
3. press and hold VOLUME-
4. connect usb cable
5. use a paper clip to reset the tablet
6. release VOLUME-
7. follow on screen instruction to install usb driver in "tools/drivers/4770"

Now, flash the firmware :
1. unplug usb cable
2. run "tools/USBbootTool.exe"
3. check the following checkbox :
   a. mbr-xboot.bin (default path: C:\novo7paladin\images\mbr-xboot.bin)
   b. boot.img (default path: C:\novo7paladin\images\boot.img)
   c. system.img (default path: C:\novo7paladin\images\system.img)
4. switch ON (screen on/off doesn't really matter) the tablet
5. press and hold VOLUME-
6. connect usb cable
7. use a paper clip to reset the tablet
8. release VOLUME-
9. the program should start flashing the firmware automatically
10. when progress bar stops after flashing completed, exit program and unplug usb cable
11. use a paper clip to reset the tablet again

It is done.
It may take a longer time for first boot after flashing firmware.


How to install ClockworkMod Recovery 5 (for ainol NOVO7 Basic/Paladin, Cruz T100 series, Cruz T301)
1. download for your tablet (DO NOT USE FILES FOR OTHER TABLETS!)
2. (if you are using stock recovery)rename it to, then put it on root of SD card
3. install from recovery 

how to boot recovery
push & hold VOL+ while power on

how to control ClockworkMod Recovery 5
VOL-/HOME: down, VOL+: up, POWER/MENU: select, BACK: back


* First install ClockworkMod Recovery
* Put the zip on sdcard
* Apply the Update in ClockworkMod Recovery
* Reboot
* Press Menu button
* Go to: Apex Settings
* Homescreen settings - Set: Portrait grid: 5x7, Landscape grid 5x7
* Behaviour settings - Set: Screen orientation: Auto-rotate
* Enable MagicCode!!!
* i didnt included gmail so if you need it install it from here Gmail

ROM Nesia

Installation Step
1. Make sure you have CWM recovery installed
2. This rom will wipe your data and cache at installation! Backup your important data first!
3. Go to recovery mode and backup your working rom first
4. Then, install NesiaPaladin from CWM, dont forget to disable signature check
5. Prepare your snack, wait for around 20 minutes for first install
6. After everything has become smooth, and you see ugly NovaLauncher 
7. If you feel laggy at first use after installation, try restarting your paladin 

# Dont forget to restore NovaLauncher's data from TitaniumBackup
--- The backup data has already included & prepared
--- Unfortunately, still you must restore it manually
--- Open up TitaniumBackup -> Backup/Restore -> Nova Launcher 1.2.2 -> Restore

# Dont forget to always open up Magic Code at device start, then let it stays as a backgroud process
# Dont forget to change your localization, the default value is en-ID (Greet from Indonesia XD)
# Dont forget to change your time zone, the default value is Asia/Bangkok (GMT+7) 

ROM Nygma

Use Magic Code APP - Support ARM apps on MIPS processor
Q :What is MagicCode?
A: MagicCode is a software designed by "c0demag1c dev team"to make it possible to run a arm based nativec apk on a mips device.It change the .so in the apk to the mips mode directllllly so that users can run a arm-apk easily. Up to now,we have tried to run a lot of apps and both of them is working well now.
Q:Who designed the MagicCode?
A:Of course.Us,the DEV team"c0demag1c"
Q:Using the MagicCode,can all of the arm based app working?
A:No,just as I said,it's still a dev version and there are still work we need to do to fix the MagicCode.So u can only run a few apks which they don't work before on ur mips device.Don't reply us about xxx apk can't work with MagicCode.We'll try to fix it but we can't promise it will be perfect.
Q:How can i install the magicCode?
A:It's quite simple,we test our apk on Ainol Novo7 Basic and Knight with 3.2HoneyComb and 4.01 ICS Custom Rom.So,if u have the same device(or other device running the android 3.2 rom),u can install the apk as the other apk such as FaceBook,Twitter. And then,what u need to do is just open the apk and then trun on it,waiting for a few minutes and emjoy urself!.

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