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Huawei Ideos U8150 - Installing a Custom ROM Guide from AndytheAndroid


Installing a Custom ROM

This is a guide detailing the process of how to install a Custom ROM on a Huawei Ideos U8150.
To download all of the necessary software you MUST have a XDA account.
Sign up for one at
Note: The only way you can brick your device is if you don’t follow my instructions.
Part 1, 2 and 3 should not wipe or damage your device in any way.

Part 1 – Rooting your Ideos

This is easily done using a program called Z4Root. 
Download it here(must be signed in). 
Connect your Ideos to the computer and turn on USB storage.
Move the file you just downloaded onto your device.
Disconnect your phone from the computer.
Check unknown sources in the Application menu in settings.
Using a file manager (Astro or ES), tap on the file and click “Open app manager”.
Install and then open Z4Root, click Permanent Root.
Follow prompts.
Make sure the device is definitely rooted before proceeding to the next step (Open Z4Root again).

Part 2 – Installing a Custom Recovery

We are going to be using a Custom Recovery called Ultrajack.
Download it here.
Extract the folder.
Put your phone into bootloader mode. 
To do this, turn off your phone.
Then quickly press the power button, the down volume key and the end call key.
Hold it for 5 seconds.
It will be stuck on the Ideos screen, this is normal.
Now, plug your phone in the computer.
It SHOULD install the necessary drivers (at least mine did with Win 7) but if it doesn't, download the PDAnet driver from here and install it.
Then go to the Folder you extracted and click “install recovery windows”.
If it installed, it should reboot of its own accord.
Note: when you turn it back on, it seems to freeze. Just be patient, it will load.

Part 3 – Backing up your Ideos

Now we are going to back up your device using Nandroid.
This will make an image of your phone.
Firstly, make sure the phone is turned off.
Then press the power button, the volume up key, and the start call key and hold it for 5 seconds.
A screen should appear on your Ideos that has the Huawei logo as a background. 
Use the D-Pad under the screen to move between options.
Use volume down to go back.
Now select Backup/Restore.
Select Nand Backup.
Select Perform Backup
Confirm by pressing middle button in D-Pad.
The backup should take a few minutes.
After the backup is complete, go back to the main menu (via the Volume Down Key) and select "reboot system now".
If you would like to backup and restore individual apps as well as backing up your previous ROM download Titanium Backup in the Android Market.

Part 4 – Flashing a ROM

OK, so this is the final step.
Download the ROM of your choice.
Popular ones include:
FUSIONideos (Latest build is 1.9.8, with Multi Touch, CPU clocking etc. etc.)
Ideos Super Clean
Cyanogen 6 Port
I suggest you check out all of the threads before making a decision.
Some of these ROMs may differ when it comes to installation.
It is always recommended that you carefully read through the dev's post and comments about their ROM.
After you have downloaded the zip file from one of those threads, move the zip file onto your phone using the same procedure.
Shut down your phone.
Follow same procedure to get to the Custom Recovery as outlined in Part 3.
When the Custom recovery has loaded, select Flash zip from sdcard.
Select choose zip from sdcard.
Select the zip file you moved onto your phone.
Confirm choice.
Now your phone is being flashed with your ROM, it's going to take a few minutes.
When it's done, go back to the main menu and restart your Ideos.
It should take a while to first start.
Setup your phone


If you backed up your apps using Titanium Backup, after you have set up your phone install Titanium Backup again and restore your apps.
Also, if you fail to flash the ROM the first time, try again.
If you have any questions, ask them in the Huawei Ideos thread (link above)
Also check out the XDA wiki here

Guide compiled by AndytheAndroid

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