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Custom ROM on Android Huawei U8150

We are going to make several changes on the phone.
If something goes wrong will may put your phone back to original firmware following these instructions:
  1. You will loose all your data on the phone
  2. Download Original ROM: or use the Brazil ATT ROM
  3. Format your SDcard to FAT32 with is not this way
  4. Create a folder on root of your SDcard called "dload"
  5. Copy UPDATE.APP from the ROM downloaded to this folder
  6. Turn off your phone
  7. Power on holding buttons together (update mode): POWER+RED BUTTON+VOLUME UP
  8. Screen will show messages about updating ROM
  9. Wait many minutes for phone restart itself
But, of course, this procedure may go wrong too, so only do the following procedures if you are sure of that and knows what your are doing. 

Others original ROMs

It says that Kenia ROM has multitouch capabilities from factory: Kenia Safaricom
Ghana ROM is newer than Kenia and should have been improved: Ghana MTN
There is a lot more Original ROM's at:

Root your Phone

Rooting your phone will let you change the original firmware: you will be able to uninstall apps, execute apps with root access and much more.
The easyest way is use an one click app like: Z4root
Copy it to your phone and execute it with one file manager like ASTRO or ES.
You will need to allow execution of APPS from outside Google Market.
Choose Permanent Root while executing this app. Some people advice to run this procedure twice.
You will need to allow USB debugging on your phone.

Install Recovery Tools

This will change the recovery mode of your phone.
To enter into recovery mode turn off your phone and power up holding POWER+GREEN+VOLUME UP
But you need to install for example ClockworkMod Recovery using ROM MANAGER APP
Follow instructions on screen

Backup your ROM

First of all I just entered on recovery mode (POWER+GREEN+VOLUME UP) and select to backup your ROM.
Wait the procedure to finish and rebbot your phone normally.

Partition your SDcard

If you want to use Link2SD you need to partition your card with one 512Mb ext partition and NO Swap Partition.
Before doing that, copy your files from SDcard to computer and them on ClockworkMod recovery mode choose: advanced >> partition

Choose your Custom ROM

Download it and transfer zip file to your SDcard

Tested ROM's:
After saving your ZIP file on SDcard, turn off your phone.
Power up your phone on recovery mode = POWER+GREEN+VOLUME UP
Select to update from zip file and choose the correct zip file.
Wait procedure of update to finish and reboot your phone.
Wait again many minutes while your phone turns on again with new ROM.

PS: bootloader mode (transfer files from computer using ADB) = POWER+RED+VOLUME DOWN

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